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pitbull mix female spayed 1 year

4 thoughts on “Bella

  1. I am really interested in Bella. I move to Tavernier September 1st! I hope I get to meet her 🙂

    1. Hi Kerry, have you called us at the shelter? 305-451-0088

  2. Is Bella still available? Im currently visiting Key Largo, FL. I came across your website looking for wildlife rescue centers to visit. But she is adorable 🐶 💘 i would love to come by and visit her and see what kind of temperament she has and if she would fit in with our home.
    I currently have 2 dogs Tank male Pittbull and Katie female Rat Terrior mix . 1 male 10 yr fixed and 1 female 18mo old fixed both are up fo date on rabies and vaccines. They’re not with is but i can show video and pictures of them. I csn also have all there shots and records sent in from the vets office to prove so. I can also have the vet vouch for us that were really good with our animals and they come first. Both of our fur babies have never had puppies or bred with any other dogs. Tank was fixed due to a hip injury around 3 mo old. I think he had gotten behind a car and they didnt see him when they were backing out. It was definitely an accident the girl did not see him in her rearview mirror and she was completely tore apart that she hit him. We were outsider and thought that she had pur him in the car with her. and katie also had a knee injury, the grand kids were playing with her and one of them was holding her and she went to jump and she fell out of his hands off our porch onto the ground which was about 6feet off thw ground and she fell on her knee or feet but it jammed her growth plate and she had to stay in a kennel for almost 2months. While her growth plate healed but she became my fiancée’s baby in the process and this is my baby😊 she likes him more tho. But there both great now. Both are healthy, tank has been undergoing heartworm treatment for over a year now.

    But i also have 3 grandbabies 4 months old (twins) and a 6 year old. All are boys. Plus i have 2 neighbors who are around 7 to 8 yr old boys that visit pretty frequently. We are very hands on and love our furbabies. We would love to visit to see if she would make a great addition to our family. If she is good with lots of people and other dogs. We have no cats or any other kind of animals.

    1. Thank you for your interest in Bella. She is available for adoption. Please call the shelter for details.
      Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm, Sat 9am-5pm

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